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Speaking Practice Test 5


What type of photos do you like taking? [Why/Why not?] 00:51
What do you do with the photos you take? 00:43
When you visit other places, do you take photos or buy postcards? [Why/Why not?] 00:42
Do you like people taking photos of you? [Why/Why not?] 00:47
Describe a story about space (real or fictitious) that you have read about or seen in a film or on TV. 01:52
What do you think fascinates humans about outer space? 00:56
Do you think that's why some stories about space travel have been so 'imaginative'? 00:47
How do you think people's attitudes towards space exploration have changed since the first Moon landings’ 00:43
To what extent do you think governments will continue to fund projects in search of life on other planets? 01:12
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