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Speaking Practice Test 1

Part 1   

Why don't we talk about the facilities in your secondary school?

- What sort of facilities did your secondary school have?

- Do you think these facilities were good enough? Why (not)?

- How would you improve these facilities?

Let's move on to talk about heating and colling.

- How do you heat and cool the place where you live?

- Are such temperature-control methods expensive?

- Are there other methods which could be used?

Let's talk about how you receive the news.

- Are you interested in the news? Why (not)?

- How do you usually receive news of the world? Why?

- Do you think this will change in the future? Why (not)?

- Do you think the news you receive is reliable? Why (not)?

Part 2

Talk about a small accident or injury you have suffered.

You should talk about:

what happened, and why

what you did immediately afterwards

whether there was any long- term damage

and what you learnt from this event

One minute for note taking

All right? Remember, you have one to two minutes for this, so don’t worry if I stop you. I’ll tell you when the time is up. Can you start speaking now, please?

Begin talking on the subject, and finish before, or at, the two-minute mark.

Thank you.

Have you told many people about this event?

Thank you. Can you give me back the topic, and the paper and pencil, please?

Part 3

Dangerous Activities

What sort of dangerous activities do people in your country do?

Why do people risk death in 'extreme sports' (such as rock climbing)?

Do such activities involve much training or safety regulations?

Do you think certain dangerous activities should be banned? Which?

Car accidents

Do many car accidents happen in your country? Why?

What measures does the government take to reduce such accidents?

Do you think these preventative measures are effective? Why (not)?

What measures would you suggest?

Medical Treatment

What sort of medical facilities are there in your country?

By what means does your government obtain blood supplies?

Is the standard of medical care in your country good?

In what ways could this medical care be improved?

Thank you for coming. That is the end of the speaking test.



Atinuke Ajayi 8.5
Chun Yan Tung 8.5
Ramneek Kundra 8.5
4 gksriharsha 8.5
5 itsbadhri 8.5
6 pu.wall-2019 8.5
7 Hemlata Murali 8.0
8 Luke Mitsumine 8.0
9 Megha Mishra 8.0
10 NanaAishat Umar 8.0

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