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Section 1 : Questions 1-10

Questions 1-4

Answer the questions below.


Example:    Where did Louise spend her summer holidays? .............Europe.......

How much was a Eurailpass Youth Ticket?


How many European countries did Louise’s ticket allow her to travel to?


Did the Eurailpass Youth Ticket include the train from London to Paris?


How old must you be if you want to purchase a Eurailpass Youth Ticket?


    Questions 5-10

    Complete the notes below.

    Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

    Points that Louise makes about Eurail:

    •    easy to travel to small towns

    •    easy to meet 5

    •     6  with times of the trains

    •    niqht trains had many 7 as passenaers

    Advice that Louise gives about Eurail:

    •    Don't take 8  bags

    •    Be 9 with your belongings

    •    Spend enough time in each country to experience 10

      Section 2 : Questions 11-20

      Questions 11-16

      Complete the table below.

      Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

      Central City University - Student Support Services

      Academic Support Services

      Course Content & Assessment Advisors


      -    counselling re: course selection

      -    language support

      Library Services

      Research & Resource Department Study Skills Department


      -    assistance and advice for research and library use

      -    assistance with arranging 13

      -    arrange computer logon and password

      Administration Student Services

      Administration Officers


      Homestay Officer Student Employment Officer



      -    issuing student cards

      -    independent accommodation advice

      -    family-style accommodation advice

      -    part-time and vacation employment

      -    inquiries re: passports and visas

      -    retail outlet

      Student Union Services

      Student Counselling Service

      Equal Opportunity Services

      Activity & Clubs Services

      -    counselling re: 16 problems

      -    petitioning and sexual harassment

      -    availability of clubs and activity schedules

        Questions 17-20

        Section 3 : Questions 21-30

        Questions 21-22

        Choose the correct letter from A-C.


        Rose's plan for the tutorial is to research and present

        • A
        • B
        • C

        The British experiments that Rose refers to in the conversation

        • A
        • B
        • C

        Questions 23-24

        Choose TWO letters from A-E for each answer.

        This tutorial will

        • A
        • B
        • C
        • D
        • E

          Questions 25-26

          Choose TWO letters from A-E for each answer.

          Before starting their preparation, Marie and Rose must

          • A
          • B
          • C
          • D
          • E

            Questions 27-30

            Complete the form below.

            Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

            Proposed Tutorial Topics

            Tutor: JimClark

            Department: 27

            Subject Code: EC 101

            Topic: 'How The Sexes Differ'

            Aims of tutorial:

            1.    To show  28

            2.    To show the differences are 29

            Day & Date of tutorial: Tuesday 26th

            Time: 11 a.m Room: B 1203

            A/V Equipment request

            A TV

            B Tape Recorder

            C Video

            D Overhead Projector

            Choose the correct letter from A-D.

            How do you want to be notified of lecturer's approval? 


            A PHONE

            B LETTER

            C FAX

            D IN PERSON

              Section 4 : Questions 31-40

              Questions 31-32

              Complete the following sentences.

              Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

              The speaker identifies the following two differences between being a high school, student and a university student:

              •    the academic expectations of tutors and lecturers are 31

              •    students must take responsibility for their own learning.

              The speaker aims to get students to recognise exam stress and the way it can affect 32

                Questions 33-36

                Complete the table below.

                Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

                EXAM STRESS


                Effective Management includes:


                Increased pulse-rate


                Breathing problems

                Problems with 33

                34 breathing exercises


                Irrational Panic  35

                Be confident and  36

                Be calm and analyse the questions.

                  Questions 37-40

                  Complete the following notes.

                  Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

                  Time needed to study effectively will 37  according to individuals.

                  Time Management involves taking notice of the allocation of 38 to exam questions.

                  To achieve good grades in examinations at university, you need to:

                  • have academic ability.

                  • be 39

                  • think clearly.

                  • observe time management practices.

                  Students wishing to develop their 40 can attend next week's workshop.

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