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IELTS Practice Test 3

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Published on: 05 May 2019

Writing Practice Test 1

Writing Task 1

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The charts show survey results concerning why MBA graduates did their degree, and employer's reasons for hiring them.

Summaries the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

You should write at least 150 words.

Writing Task 2

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

The Internet is now used all around the world as a source of information and communication. However, its often controversial, so many people think it needs to be controlled. Others believe there should be no interference whatsoever.

Discuss both points of view, and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer, and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Essay Sample Writing Task 1

The charts present a comparison of the reasons people undertake MBA degrees and the factors potential employers target when recruiting staff.

The main message is people study overwhelmingly in the belief it will improve employment prospects, yet such expectations might well be thwarted by the ironic fact that those empowered to hire value this qualification the least, rather pragmatically assessing practical and personality aspects as being of far greater utility.

Considering these degree-takers' motivation in detail, 65% of respondents are driven by the self-interested (albeit legitimate) aim of obtaining better jobs, leaving the rest divided approximately evenly amongst more selfless incentives: enhancing work performance (15%), personal development (12%), or honing abilities to assist colleagues, the last being the lowest proportion, at 8%.

As for what employers seek, it is the proverbial ‘eye-opener’, with that supposedly highly-esteemed MBA relegated to a paltry 10%—the lowest figure of all. What mailers most is previous experience, standing at 45%, although this is divided into the knowledge gained from past places of work (25%) and connections secured in the process (20%). Similarly, personality and presentation/appearance both play far more significant roles than academic pieces of paper, coincidentally having those same two previously-mentioned proportions, respectively.

This high mismatch between expectations and reality suggests MBA candidates will ultimately suffer considerable disillusion.

Essay Sample Writing Task 2

This is an Argument Question (needing an opinion), but both sides of the issue need to be addressed. This can be difficult when leading with an opinion, yet doing so gives a useful focus and direction to the writing. This answer follows the approach given in Tip 17.

As its name suggests, the internet has indeed linked the world in a single mesh, but whether this figuratively ensnares or enhances is the key, and possibly unanswerable, question. Its ubiquity, easy accessibility, and totally unregulated nature all suggest Internet censorship may be required, yet I would argue against this.

My main concern is that censorship raises the problematic issue of who decides what is, or is not, appropriate. Entrusting governments might mean what they term ‘censorship’ is actually a stifling of free opinion and valid criticism, an exchange absolutely

crucial for a country’s political, social, and cultural evolution. If, for example, North Korea regulated Internet content, the results would be ludicrous—a farcical outpouring of state-propaganda resembling the Orwellian nightmare of ‘1984’. It is precisely the free availability of information which inspires the masses to demand change from the oppressive or totalitarian regimes of this world.

Those who favour Internet censorship claim it is important to remove, in particular, the explicit and extreme pornographic content. They say that if minors access such sites, their impressionable minds could be adversely affected—for example, in the stereotyping of women, irresponsible attitudes towards human sexuality, or simply obsessive viewing, to the detriment of more productive pursuits. The plethora of these sites must certainly be indicative of a growing trend, which, arguably, does society and those involved, little service, and may well do worse.

However, the demand for such material merely reflects human nature. Denying access on the net only means it will be sought and satiated elsewhere, and ultimately the users themselves must be allowed to decide what they watch. The Internet, as a parallel universe, will necessarily have both good and bad, but just as people demand freedom of choice in the real world, so too must it be offered in the virtual one.

This is why the case for Internet censorship is weak.


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