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Speaking Practice Test 2

Part 1

 Why don't we talk about the restaurants in your hometown?

- Are the restaurants in your home town good or bad? Why?

- How do these restaurants compare to those elsewhere in your country?

- Is there much variety in the types of food these restaurants have?

Let's move on to talk about photocopying.

- Do you do much photocopying? Why (not)?

- Did you do more, or less, photocopying in the past?

- Do photocopiers sometimes annoy you? In what way?

Let's talk about crime in your neighbourhood.

- Is there much crime in the town where you live?

- What are the most common sorts of crime?

- Have you ever felt unsafe when walking around? Why (not)?

- Would you like to be a police officer? Why (not)?

Part 2

Describe a historical period or event that interests you.

You should talk about:

- the exact period or event

- the reason it interests you

- what you would do or try to see there

and how you learnt or knew about this time.

One minute for note taking

All right? Remember, you have one to two minutes for this, so don’t worry if I stop you. I’ll tell you when the time is up. Can you start speaking now, please?

Begin talking on the subject, and finish before, or at, the two-minute mark.

Thank you.

Have you told many people about this interest?

Thank you. Can you give me back the topic, and the paper and pencil, please?

Part 3

Change over your Lifetime

- Have you seen much change in technology in your lifetime?

- Do you think these changes are good?

- Has the society you lived among changed also? In what way?

- Do you think these changes are good? Why (not)?

The Teaching of History

- Is history a popular subject in your education system?

- Which countries' histories are taught more than others?

- Is this history taught in interesting ways?

- Would you say that knowing about history is important, or not important, to modern life?

 Your country's History

- Is there much public interest in your country's history? (e.g. television historical dramas)?

- Are there any historical issues or events that cause controversy? What are they?

- Does your country celebrate any historical events or anniversaries? Which ones? Why?

- Do you think your country focuses too much, or not enough, on its history?

Thank you for coming. That is the end of the speaking test.


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