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Speaking Practice Test 1

Part 1

Why don't we talk about your friends in high school?

- Did you have many friends in high school? Why (not)?

- Did you have a best friend? Tell me about that person.

- Do you keep in contact with any of these people? Why (not)

Let's move on to talk about commuting to work or school.

- How do/did you commute to work or school? Why?

- Are/Were there ever problems commuting?

- Do you often use this method of travelling today?

Let's talk about the police.

- Have you ever had to ring the police? Why (not) ?

- Have you ever dealt face-to-face with police officers? Why (not)?

- Would you like to be a police officer? Why (not)?

- What attitude do the public have towards police in your country? Why?

Part 2

Describe a city square, plaza, or open place that you have visited and liked.

You should talk about:

- Why you went there

- what is in that place

- How others use this area

and assess both its advantages and disadvantages.


One minute for note-taking

All right? Remember, you have one to two minutes for this, so don’t worry if I stop you. I’ll tell you when the time is up. Can you start speaking now, please?

Begin talking on the subject, and finish before, or at, the two-minute mark.

Thank you.

Do other people you know also like this place?

Thank you. Can you give me back the topic, and the paper and pencil, please?

Part 3   

City Space

- Does the city you live in, or know, have enough open space?

- Is it important to have open spaces in cities? Why (not)?

- How can such spaces be created in crowded modern cities?

- Is it practical to make such spaces?

Spaces in the Wild

- Does your country have much wilderness? Where? What sort?

- What wild animals and plants live there?

- Are these places visited much? Why (not)?

- Do you think it is important to preserve such wild places?

Public Activities

- What sort of public activities take place in your country?

- Do you have many demonstrations, protests, or rallies? What sort?

- Do you have public celebrations outdoors? What sort?

- What problems can occur during such outdoor events or celebrations?

Thank you for coming. That is the end of the speaking test.


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