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Speaking Practice Test 1

Part One

Why don't we talk about good memories from your schooldays?

  • Can you think of any good memories from your schooldays?
  • What would you say was the best aspect of those time?
  • Do you miss your schooldays?


Let's move on to talk about computer viruses.

  • Is your computer often affected by viruses?
  • How do you defend your computer against viruses?
  • Are these protection systems effective or not?

Let's talk about knowing the time of day.

  • How do you know the time of day.
  • Do you (always) wear a watch? Why (not)?
  • Could you manage your life without knowing the time?
  • Is it possible to over-organise time management?


Part Two

Describe a time when you made a change in your life.

You should talk about:

What change you made

How you made it

The reaction of others to it

And whether you now think it was a good, or bad, decision.


Part Three

Technological Change

What sorts of moderm technology are most people familiar with?

How has technology changed in your lifetime?

Can you predict how technology will changre in the future?

Has this change had any bad effects?

Change in Life

What are some of the major changes people make in their lives?

Which of these changes is the most significant?

Why does change sometimes cause great stress?

Is it possible to avoid some changes?

Forcing Others to Change

In what situations do people have to make others change?

What skills are necessary when people resist change?

Do you think peple mostly act sensibly in these situations of change?

What are the best/worst outcomes of these situation?


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