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Band 7 essay sample | Schools should not waste time teaching subjects like drawing

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01 Feb 2018

The following is an essay submitted by one of our readers.

Essay topic

Some people think that children should learn to paint or draw at school. Others believe it is just a waste of time. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Band 7 essay sample

It is undoubtedly true that nowadays a proper curriculum planning has become a vital part of education. Many people feel that it is important for the students to be taught drawing in school. In my personal opinion, I feel that a student’s time can be utilized much more effectively than wasting on learning arts.

On the one hand, drawing or painting helps to enhance the creativity in children. This in turn helps them to build their imagination and can also broaden their horizon or way of thinking. It helps them to become better individuals in life. Also, being engaged in such an activity helps students to relax by breaking the monotonous job of studying academics.

On the other hand, there are certain circumstances wherein the idea of including art in curriculum will not be welcomed by many pupils and parents. For instance, a child who is more interested in playing sports will feel that it is a waste of time to sit and draw. Instead it would be more rewarding if he invests his time in learning or practicing sports rather than drawing. Furthermore, the basic motive of many parents to send their children to school is for studying rather than co-curricular activities and hence they would want the school to focus on academics as against drawing. Hence, I feel that it will not be a good idea to teach drawing at schools because there are many classes outside schools which can be utilized for this purpose if at all a child is interested in it.

In conclusion, I feel that it should not be made mandatory by schools to teach drawing, however it can be offered as an optional subject in the curriculum. This will enable the students to make a sagacious choice depending onwhatever is best suited for them.

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