IELTS General Training (Vol 2) - Speaking Practice Test 1

There is no standard answer for Speaking exam so please use this as a reference


Talk about your favourite politician.

You should say

who is he/she

what he/she did that you can tell others

do you want to be like him/her

and explain why this person is your favourite politician.


 Usually, I don’t like the politicians in our country as many of them take politics as their wealth accumulating source rather than working for the mass people. If I have to pick one to talk about, I would choose Baburam Bhattarai. From him, we, the Nepalese people, have much expectation for the nation’s development. We are often quite helpless in many social and national issues and politicians are there to show us ways. I also have same optimistic thoughts about Baburam Bhattarai and consider him to be a great leader who works for ordinary people. He came from a small village of Gorkha district and became the prime minister of our country. This was not easy and he had to work hard and earn people's trust and love for that. 

In today’s scenario of Nepalese politics, he has played a tremendous role to have an optimistic roadmap in front of the Nepalese nation. He is a visionary leader and a good politician. The contribution he has made towards making our country a developed one is something worth mentioning. I would very proudly tell others how he has sacrificed his time and efforts to do the betterment for our nations especially having a progress roadmap and many implementations of it. This is a very competitive era and the globalisation concept has made it mandatory for a nation to have a clear vision to go ahead. This leader did exactly the same. I revere him for his talent, vision and benevolent nature. He is not like other politicians who place money ahead of other important aspects of their responsibilities. 

I don’t like politics, at least the money making and power play politics that we have. I don’t have any desire to be a politician. I believe every citizen of a country has many things to contribute to the country and I want to do my best to help the country from my respective field. The main reason I am not interested in politics is because there is too much dirt in our politics and honesty and a sense of responsibility in our country are not the fundamental requirements to be a politician. Rather money, influence and power are the main things someone needs to become a leader. That's why I would stay far away from the active politics. However, this does not mean that I would not be politically aware and informed.

I admire Baburam Bhattarai for his vision and fair play. He is a rare politician in our country and we need more visionary and honest leaders like him. We really need more honest leaders like him and I believe that someday we will have more honest leaders than corrupted ones and that is the day we young generation dream so dearly.


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