General Training - Speaking Practice Test 2

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Describe an advertisement which you found very persuasive.

You should say: 

what the advertisement was for

where you saw or read it

what the advertisement consisted of and why you found it so persuasive.



Irina: Well, actually, I don’t usually find advertisements very persuasive,so 1 remember this one quite well, because it was for an energy drink - you know, one of those really colourful drinks which you're supposed to drink to help you have more strength or be more active when you do a sporting activity .. or anything else you enjoy, like dance. In fact, I saw it on television one night, which is also strange because I don’t generally watch much television ... I don’t usually have time and even if I do, when they're advertising something, l usually go off and do something else - make a telephone call or do. the washing-up or something Anyway, this one showed one of those Olympic athletes - I can't remember her name - winning the hundred metres and then showing the product, with ail, you know, one hundred percent natural ingredients. I mean, the advert in itself wasn't anything special, it was just like most other adverts, except that it had this person who, at the time, was pretty famous and successful. At the time, I was studying hard for my university entrance exams and I was also in my school volleyball team, so I thought why not, I'll try it and I did. The drink was quite nice - I mean, it didn't have a strong taste, but the flavour was fine. It was quite expensive, so I don't buy it often, but it’s, you know, it's an energy drink, and I like it and think it does make me feel a bit more energetic!


Company advertising

•     How important do you think it is for companies to advertise their products?

•     How do advertisements influence people to buy things?

•     How effective is advertising as a way of persuading people to buy things?

The wider implications of advertising

•     Apart from advertising, what other factors influence people’s decisions to buy things?

•     In what ways can advertising be bad or harmful to society?

•     Why do you think that some people say advertising is a form of art?

Examiner: Now, we've been talking about advertising, and I'd like to ask you some more genera! questions related to this. Let’s consider first of all company advertising. How important do you think it is for companies to advertise their products?

Irina: Well, I think it’s very important, because if companies don't I mean, unless companies advertise a new product, we won't know that it exists and we can t buy it. In other words, companies give us - how do you say - information about their products so that we can choose the one we want I think also it's important because companies - what's the word - compete with each other and they have to try to win, mm, i mean attract customers For example, you know, if they want people to buy some clothes in the latest fashion, or for instance, er, a special new drink for people doing sports .


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