General Training - Speaking Practice Test 1

There is no standard answer for Speaking exam so please use this as a reference


Describe a situation you remember when you had to use a foreign language to communicate.

You should say:

what you were doing what happened 

how well you communicated in the language

and explain why you remember this situation or experience.


Abi: A couple of years ago. I went on holiday with a friend to Windsor. Um, the reason why we chose Windsor is that I've got an aunt who lives there. She's been living there for 20 years now And, well, I’ve always enjoyed travelling.

I've always wanted to go to the UK. At the time, my friend and I had just finished our exams at school and we were waiting to go to university. It was the summer break, and she invited us to visit her, so we decided to go.

Before we went, we hired a car, which we picked up when we reached the airport I remember it was a bright green Mini We drove it straight to my aunt's house in Windsor and left it outside for a day or two This was because she lived in the centre of town and most places, like Windsor Castle, were easy to reach on foot. However, one morning we took a trip to a gallery. There was an art exhibition that I wanted to see So we set off, but after half an hour, 'bang' - we had a flat tyre. Now. unfortunately, neither of us knew how to change a tyre.

So the next thing we did was to call the emergency services and explain the situation. Well, I speak fairly good English, but I didn't know how to say tyre and I was on the phone, so that made it worse I just had to keep saying ‘We've got a problem with the wheel.' And during all this, my friend was making hand signals at me and eventually I just said 'flat'. Well, it was amazing as soon as I said that word, she went 'Oh right, I understand’. Twenty minutes later, a recovery van arrived and fixed our flat tyre, with no charge So - what have I learned from this experience? It was a difficult situation, but ever since then, I've known that a flat in English means 'a flat tyre'.


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