IELTS Plus 2 - Speaking Practice Test 3

There is no standard answer for Speaking exam so please use this as a reference



The examiner will ask you questions about yourself, such as:

What's your name?

Where do you come from?

Tell me about the place you grew up in.

What did young people do in their free time there?

Now let’s talk about sport.

How popular is sport in your country?

Do most people play sport or watch it on TV? Why?

Did you do any sport when you were a child? Which?

Do you play any sport now? Why / Why not?

Is sport important for people today? Why / Why not?


The topic for your talk will be written on a card which the examiner will hand you. Read it carefully and then make some brief notes.

Describe a person that you met recently and liked.

who this person is

what you were doing at the time

how you met him / her

Explain why you liked this person.

Do you think you will see this person again?

Do you like meeting new people?

Think about the issues and answer the questions.


Once your talk in Part 2 is over, your examiner will ask you further questions related to the topic in Part 2. The examiner may ask you to speak about these points.

Let’s think about friends and friendship generally.

How do people usually meet new friends where you live?

Is it easier for adults or children to make new friends? Why?

How are relationships with friends different from relationships at work / college?

Is it possible for people to be close friends with their boss or teacher? Why / Why not?

Now let’s consider the importance of friends.

Some people think that friends can never be as important as family. Do you agree?

How are responsibilities towards friends and family different?

Will the relative importance of friends and family change in future societies?

Model Answer:
Mr XXX  (..or say a name you like...) is an interesting person whom I met few months ago. He lives a few blocks away from our home and has recently moved to our locality from a different city. He has a family with 4 members and he is an engineer graduate and has worked as a chief engineer in many reputed organizations as he told me. In his early 40’s he took self-retirement and now enjoys his time either in developing some mysterious engineering and scientific tools or by travelling to different places of the world.

It’s pretty tough to say whether he is planning to visit a new country or has recently came from one if someone meets him. He mostly wears outdated clothes and has long beard with a strange look in his eyes. To my surprise, I found my conversation with him very interesting as he likes to talk about his plan to invent something very important to change the world. I am not sure what he is up to but it seems very thought-provoking to learn that he really believes that. He travels to hills and forests mostly to stay close to nature as he describes this habit to be helpful for idea generation. People often look at him very strangely and do some small talks about his attitude but I find him to be an interesting person. To my surprise he is a very devoted and dotting father and husband and has a good flow of money even though he does not have a full time job now.

I met him all of a sudden and that was interesting as well. One day he knocked at my door and I opened it. He came to our house and asked whether I can give him some copper or not. I was pretty perplexed with his sudden appearance and demand for the copper. He told me that he was doing an important experiment and he needs this to carry out his test. I apologized that we do not have any copper to offer him and advised him to visit the nearby shopping complex where he might find it. He returned back after an hour with some bags and thanked me to let him know where he might find the copper he was looking for. He then offered to visit his house and have dinner with him. The whole confrontation took me by surprise and I understood from that very day that he was bit unusual and interesting in nature.


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