IELTS Plus 2 - Speaking Practice Test 1

There is no standard answer for Speaking exam so please use this as a reference



The examiner will ask you questions about yourself, such as:

  • Can you tell me your name, please?
  • What nationality are you?
  • What part of your country are you from?
  • Tell me about your region.
  • Now let’s talk about computers and the Internet.
  • How often do you use the computer? What for?
  • Do you like using the Internet? Why/Why not?
  • How did you learn to use a computer?
  • Do you think it is important to know how to use a computer? Why / Why not?


The topic for your talk will be written on a card which the examiner will hand you. Read it carefully and then make some brief notes.

Describe a typical day at work, school or college.

You should say:

what you do when you do it

how long you've had this routine

Explain what you would like to change in your work or study routine.


At the end of your Part 2 talk the examiner may ask you one or two questions to close the topic. These are usually Yes/No questions that do NOT need extended answers.

Do your friends have similar routines?

Do you generally like routines?

The examiner will ask you some questions that relate to your topic, but on a more general or abstract level. You should give extended responses and the language you need is the language of discussion, which is more formal

Let’s think about how people feel about routines.

Do young people and old people have different attitudes to routines where you live?

What are the benefits and drawbacks of having a daily routine?

Let’s consider choice in routines.

What factors influence most people's daily routines?

Do you think people get enough choice in their daily routines? Why / Why not?

What about changes in routines?

How are work or study schedules today different from those in the past? Why?

Is this a positive or negative development? Why?

How do you think people's routines and schedules will change in the future?

Sample Answer

As I am still a student, I have a daily routine that mostly focuses on my classes and study. Except for the Sunday, I spend my days mostly adhering to this routine.
I get up early in the morning mostly at 6:30 am and take a shower. I eat my breakfast then and revise the study for that day. I reach my university at around 8:30 am and attend the classes till 3:00 pm. I eat my lunch at around 1:00 pm from the university cafeteria. I usually spend some time with my classmates after the class and return home at around 4:30 pm. I take some rest and go to nearby fields in the evening. I walk for 1 hour ad return home at 6:30 pm.

Then I take some light snacks and then start my study. I usually read till 9:00 pm and then spend some time using the computer and Internet. I usually browse net and maintain my social networking for about 1-2 hours. I eat my supper at 11:00 pm and then read for another hour. Before I go to bed I brush my teeth and read a novel. I read the novel for around 40 minutes to 1:30 hours and then fall asleep.

I have been following this routine for the last 3 years. If I do not have classes or if I have holidays, I go through a different routine which includes watching movies, playing computer games, hanging out with friends etc.

I enjoy the evening walking and my class times very much among the activities of one of my typical days.


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