IELTS Plus 1- Speaking Practice Test 4

There is no standard answer for Speaking exam so please use this as a reference



The examiner will ask you questions about yourself, such as:

  •    What town or city do you come from?
  •     Can you describe your family home?
  •     What does your family usually do at the weekend?
  •     Do you like going out with your family? Why?
  •     Where would you like to take a holiday? Why?
  •     Who would you most like to go on holiday with?
  • What was the best holiday you’ve ever had?


The topic for your talk will be written on a card which the examiner will hand you. Read it carefully and then make some brief notes. 

A museum you have visited

Describe a museum or art gallery that you have visited.

You should say:   

where it is

why you went there

what you particularly remember about the place

At the end of your talk, the examiner will ask one or two brief questions to signal that it is time to stop talking. For example, he or she might ask you:

Do you like museums/art galleries?

Would you recommend this one to other people?


Once your talk in Part 2 is over, your examiner will ask you further questions related to the topic in Part 2. The examiner may ask you to speak about these points.


  •    the need for museums and art galleries in our society
  •     making museums more interesting
  •     museum art -vs- popular art
  •     graffiti - art or vandalism
  •  the role of public artworks, e.g. statues and buildings


* Look at the follow-up discussion ideas for Part 3 on this page. See how they are broadly linked to the topic of Part 2.

*   Make a few notes in response to each of the prompts given here. The discussion could take any of these directions.

*   Try to think of at least five other interesting ideas linked to this topic. Remember! You can take the discussion in a direction of your choice, if it is appropriately linked.

 *  Don't be afraid to take the initiative in Part 3 of the speaking test. This is your chance to show your fluency, your ability to give and support an opinion and your range of grammatical forms and vocabulary.

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Model Answer

Museum is an exciting place to learn about the past and histories of numerous issues. A few weeks ago, I went to the War Remnants Museum with some of my friends.

The War Remnants Museum is located in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The museum is a place of wonderful collections of Vietnam War. The museum also contains relics and collection of the first Indochina war where the participation of the French Colonialists was a notable issue. The museum is currently operated by the state. The museum exhibits mostly the relics of the war associated by the Americans and the French. In the 1970s, the relics were exhibited on temporary basis and were termed in different name. Such exhibitions were also held in different parts of Vietnam to let people know about the war crimes which Vietnam has suffered. The exhibition name was changed in the 1990s.

When I was a teen, I went at the museum with my high school mates. It was an educational trip for us and we visited the museum from our school. The school authority organized for the tour and all the students of high school had to participate at the trip. I learnt a lot of information during the trip but it was not that much popular as it in the current days. Around one million visitors come to see the war relics in this museum and it has turned into one of the most attracting place both for the natives and global travelers. But the foreign visitors are more in number than the local visitors and the opinions are different among the travelers. Some of them cannot bear the horrors of the Vietnam wars during the visit.

The museum bears the wounds of war and it is a kind of insult for the Vietnamese people. Thereby, the anti-USA elements are more visible than any other historical elements. The relics are highly sensitive for the local people and the nation as well. There are series of rooms themed with different period. Military tools and equipments are also kept in care inside the museum. There are some unexploded ordnances also stored inside the museum yard as the war relic. The photographs are the best thing to see in the museum and they exhibit the horrific events of the war days. I walked through the rooms and the buildings to see all the relics and deeply felt sad for the departed souls in the war.

I like the museum for its extraordinary decoration, war relic collections and mostly the photographs. The photographs were captured by photo journalist of different countries and some of them have donated the photos for common exhibition. Though in the beginning the museum was the house of propaganda against the USA, different changes have taken place in past years and such words or posters marking the propaganda have been removed. Besides, the museum allows the visitors to write their own thought about the entire Vietnam War issue and I liked that much as the visitors can liberally write down their own thoughts and compliments.


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