Complete IELTS (Bands 6.5 – 7.5) - Speaking Practice Test 3

There is no standard answer for Speaking exam so please use this as a reference


Describe something old that you or your family own and that you feel is important.

You should say:

what the item is and what it looks like

where it came from what it is/was used for

and explain why you feel the item is important.


Actually, there are a number of objects that I could talk about in my home, so it's quite hard for me to decide what to choose. However. I’m going to talk about a very special necklace that I keep in my attic. First, I think I'll tell you where it came from. Basically, it was an inheritance from my grandmother, who was 95 years old when she died! As far as I know, she’d been given it by someone possibly an aunt who'd bought it in a market in India It's a pity I didn't ask my grandmother. I'd know its origins for certain if I'd asked her. Anyway, undoubtedly it's pretty ancient now probably an antique - although I've no idea what it's worth But. as my mother says, you can't put a price on something that has sentimental value. If I were to lose it. I'd be really upset! Just looking at it. I don't think you get an idea of its age. You wouldn't realise how old it was unless you examined it closely. I wouldn't say that it's strikingly beautiful or something you'd choose to put on to go out for Die evening. It's just a long line of blue beads that are quite chipped and faded now. They look pretty worthless - not as eye-catching as the gold necklace that I got for my 21' birthday! Actually I don't use the beads for anything because, as I said earlier.

I don't wear them. They're not at all fashionable. In fact. I don't really like beads, but. having said that. I'll always keep them.

If I were to throw the beads out. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. I'll pass them on to my children, so that they become an equally important family treasure for them. It's funny to think, but if it hadn't been for my granny's aunt. I wouldn't have inherited that necklace.


Examiner: Why do you think some people like to keep old things, while others don’t have any interest in doing this?

Margarete: Actually. I'm sure there are all sorts of reasons, but perhaps the main one is space You know, if I were to live in a small apartment. I wouldn’t be able to store much. On the whole, people who are hoarders tend to have large attics or spare rooms or cupboards where they can put things.'

Johannes: I think it must be a question of personality and by that I mean. well, some people are really sentimental, so they don't like to throw away things like cards or presents - even though they don't want them any more.

I guess, you know, were they to throw them away, they'd feel a sense of loss. Whereas other people, maybe, don't care that much - they’re just happy just to focus on the present.


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