Complete IELTS (Bands 6.5 – 7.5) - Speaking Practice Test 4

There is no standard answer for Speaking exam so please use this as a reference


Talking about family

1     Do you come from a large or small family?

2     When did you last visit relatives?

3     What don’t you like about visiting relatives?

4     Who in your family has been most successful?

5     Do you think you’re similar to this person?


Examiner: I’d like to talk about your family now. Do you come from a large or small family?

Dominic Oh, um, my family's pretty big - I've got three brothers one's older than me, and the other two are younger - they're ten and 13 And then I've got two sisters as well. They're both older than me Karen’s, um, 25 this year, and Corrine’s 28 She's just qualified to become a doctor

E: When did you last visit relatives’

D: Relatives Er, let me see it’s hard to remember Um, most of my relatives live near us in the, um . what’s the word, um, they live in a busy area around the city - you know, not in the centre where we are. And so we meet up in the city if there's a birthday or something 1 guess I visited my aunt about a year ago when she invited us to see tier new apartment

E: What don’t you like about visiting relatives?

D: Well, that's an interesting question. Um, if I were really honest, I'd say that when I was younger. I hated going to see them - yeah, I thought it was so boring But, well, my gran lives with us now, and we often chat and, you know, we care about each other. If I don't go out this evening, for example. !’ll eat dinner and chat with her

E Who in your family has been most successful?

D Um, I think it depends on what you mean by 'successful'

If you mean making money, then it's my dad for sure, because he has this, um - I've forgotten, um. well, he has many of the same type of shop . you know, he started his business and now he's got ten stores But I think my sister's been successful, too - as I said, she's just become a doctor.

E Do you think you're similar to your sister?

D I'm sorry, could you repeat the question’

E Do you think you're like your sister?

D Er, yes and no. Er. we look alike, but my sister is very hard­working. She knows what she wants, whereas I’m still trying to make some decisions about that, i think I'd do well if I worked harder, so...


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