Complete IELTS (Bands 6.5 – 7.5) - Speaking Practice Test 2

There is no standard answer for Speaking exam so please use this as a reference


Describe a beautiful place you have visited in your country.

You should say:

when you visited it

who you went with

what you did there and explain

why you think the place is so beautiful.



Jamila: OK, well, I'm going to talk about Tennyson Down, which is a ... a large steep hill not very far from where I live in the south of England. You have to walk up it, you walk quite a long way up, about a mile or two miles,, until you get to the top, where there's, there are these fantastic views across the sea in all directions, you can see all around the island At the top of the hill, there's this wonderful stone column - it’s a memorial to a famous British poet. 

I've been there, I, perhaps, I think perhaps the last time was a few years ago, I went with my family - my parents and my sister. We walked up there. It was a lovely sunny day and there weren't too many people around. The weather was quite warm We could see for perhaps 20 miles and then once you're up at the top, actually we, you, we sat down and I think we had a picnic, ate some sandwiches and then continued the walk You walk down another two or three miles, until you reach The Needles, which are some spectacular rocks standing out in the sea, very spectacular, and then we walked down to a, a place called Alum Bay, where there's a car park and bus stops, and took a bus back home. 

Why is the place so beautiful'? I think it’s particularly beautiful because it's such an unspoilt area, it's protected, it's ail very green and although it’s quite steep, it's easy to walk on, and all in all, it's a wonderful day out, good exercise, fresh air, fantastic views and very, very relaxing. 

Examiner: Thank you. Do you think you'll ever go there again?

J: I think so, yes, probably. I'd like to. 

E: And have any of your friends visited this place?

J: Mm, I’m not sure. Possibly, but not with me.


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