Answer for Complete IELTS 1 - Listening Practice Test 9

1. C 11. Sachdeva
2. A 12. New Valley
3. E 13. PN6 3BZ
4. D 14. 0787 345077
5. B OR E IN EITHER ORDER 15. next week

Our answers are not correct?

Other modules in this test:

Marking Scheme

Level Band Listening Score Reading Score
Expert 9 39-40 39-40
Very Good 8.5 37-38 37-38
Very Good 8 35-36 35-36
Good 7.5 32-34 33-34
Good 7 30-31 30-32
Competent 6.5 26-29 27-29
Competent 6 23-25 23-26
Modest 5.5 18-22 19-22
Modest 5 16-17 15-18
Limited 4.5 13-15 13-14
Limited 4 10-12 10-12
Extremely Limited 3.5 8-10 8-9
Extremely Limited 3 6-7 6-7


Test details


Questions 1-4

What helped each person to become successful?

Choose FOUR answers from the box and write the correct letter; A-F, next to Questions 1-4.


1  the film maker
Answer: C   (Locate)

2 the ballet dancer
Answer: A   (Locate)

3 the scientist
Answer: E   (Locate)

4 the chef
Answer: D   (Locate)

Reasons for success



a personal style


an invention


a lot of money


a wise decision


a relative’s influence


a change of job

Questions 5-10

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Questions 5-6

Which TWO criteria will the students use to choose a successful person?

A age

B gender

C individual talent

D fame

E global importance
5. Answer: B OR E IN EITHER ORDER   (Locate)
6. Answer: B OR E IN EITHER ORDER   (Locate)


Questions 7-8

Which TWO things do the students agree to do before they meet again?

A write a biography

B conduct more research

C find photographs

D write a talk

E plan a seminar
7. Answer: B OR C IN EITHER ORDER   (Locate)
8. Answer: B OR C IN EITHER ORDER   (Locate)

Questions 9-10

Which TWO things do the students agree are linked to success?

A wealth

B experience

C talent

D effort

E location
9. Answer: C OR D IN EITHER ORDER   (Locate)
10. Answer: C OR D IN EITHER ORDER   (Locate)

Questions 11-15

Complete the form below.


Online Writing Course

Request for brochure

Example First name:


Last name:

Answer: Sachdeva


Flat 4A. 2 396
Answer: New Valley   (Locate) Road




Answer: PN6 3BZ   (Locate)

Phone number:

Answer: 0787 345077   (Locate)

Email address:

[email protected]

Message box:

deliver brochure 15
Answer: next week   (Locate)

Questions 16-20

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

16    The caller wants to do a writing course to help with

A his hobby.

B his job.

C his children’s education.
Answer: B   (Locate)

17    What does the course pack include?

A multimedia items

B a list of books to buy

C lesson and assignment dates
Answer: A   (Locate)

18    How much does the course cost?

A £340

B £375

C £400
Answer: B   (Locate)

19    Alex’s first assignment will be about his

A family life.

B school experiences.

C expectations of the course.
Answer: C   (Locate)

20    What does the feedback include?

A a tutorial

B an exercise

C a discussion group
Answer: C   (Locate)


Legend:       Academic word (?)            New word



Man So we have to do a presentation on a successful person at our next seminar
Woman Yes, do you have any ideas?
M Well, I’ve been on the Internet and picked out a couple.
W OK - I've got some suggestions, too.
M Right, well, you start.
W OK um, his name's Mahmoud Kaboor and he’s a film maker in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.
M Sounds good
W Yes. He's the managing director of a very big film company
M So what made him successful?
W Apparently his uncle was a film student and because of that, he started making short films when he was only 16 .
M That’s quite young and were they good?
W Yup. He won a scholarship to go to Canada and study film, and that’s how his career developed.
M Great Um here’s one of my suggestions. She was a ballet dancer - born in St Petersburg in Russia in 1881
W Anna Pavlova OK - why have you picked her?
M Well, firstly, because her parents weren’t wealthy - they were very poor, in fact - and yet she still went to the School of Imperial Ballet at ten years of age
W That’s so young! Was she very talented?
M Yes, she was, but she didn’t follow the rules of ballet. She was very individual and did things that were different from other ballerinas at the time
W Ah - and that’s what made her stand out
M Yes.
W OK. I’ve got another woman - Marie Curie
M She’s very famous Wasn’t she Polish?
W Yeah, born in 1867, but did you know that she was the first woman professor at the University of Paris and the first woman to win a Nobel prize?
M Yes-amazing'
W There were many brilliant scientists around when she was working.
M So why did she do better?
W Other scientists couldn't get ahead of her because she sensibly published her ideas straight away
M What a clever thing to do!
W Yeah - everyone does it automatically these days, but all those years ago, people often didn’t think about it.
M Great! Well, here’s one more.
W OK - who is it?
M This is an African-American guy who worked as a chef in the 1850s His name was George Crum.
W Did he make a famous dish or something?
M Not exactly - but without him, we wouldn’t have the potato chip . Or crisps, as the British call them.
W Oh!
M Yeah. Apparently, he had a customer who was annoyed because his French fries were too fat and soft. So he sliced a new potato as thinly as he could and fried it until it was hard and crunchy Added lots of salt.
W and a new snack was created.
M Well, I, I think we’ve got some interesting people here.


Woman OK, so we have to choose one of these four people
Man It’s going to be difficult.
W Well, why don't we agree on some criteria that will help us?
M Do you mean things like how old they were when they became successful?
W Yeah - except I’m not sure how old they all were' Um, what about choosing a woman
M Is it fair to select someone because of their gender? And look at celebrities - there are lots of women
W But it was different in the past.
M Oh, I see Yeah, OK, let’s pick a woman
W Great. Right well, they’re all pretty talented, aren’t they? Some have even won awards.
M Yeah, but maybe their fame won’t last for ever
W No so we should pick someone who’s done something great on an international level
M Yeah, that changed the world. OK, I think that’s it.
We've got our two criteria So what do we need to do before we meet again?
W Well, how much information have we got?
M Quite a lot of detail about their lives, but not enough about what they did
W OK - so before we meet again, let’s both find out as much as we can . It’s always better to have too much information.
M Yeah, you're right What about pictures ?
W Yeah - I don’t even know what this person looks like!
M OK - well, we might get some from the library - but I can look on the Internet as well.
W Once we've done that, we can get together and talk about the next stage.
M Yeah - I don’t think we can write the presentation for the seminar yet, do you?
W No - anyway, it’ll be fun working together.
M Yeah' It’s been quite an education doing this.
W Yes - it’s made me think about success and what it really means.
M It isn’t about money, is it?
W No - and you don’t have to be experienced to achieve it.
It can just be luck.
M But perhaps in most cases you need to have some natural ability .
W Yeah - I agree And I also think you do have to work hard and be determined .
M Yeah - and really want to succeed
W No matter where you are or what you’ve done before.
M Mm It’s quite a curious thing.


Advisor Good morning, The Writing School, can I help you?
Caller Oh. hi. I’m ringing about the online writing courses you advertise on the Internet
A Yes would you like me to send you a brochure?
C Urn, I would, but I also have some questions.
A OK, well, let me take your details first, and then I can deal with the questions after that.
A I just need to fill out this form so, urn, can you give me your first name, please?
C Yes, it’s Alex
A That’s great, Alex And what’s your last name?

C It’s Sachdeva
A OK - can you spell that for me?

C Yes, it’s S-A-C-H-D—
A Is that P9 C No, D-E-V-A
A OK, I’ve got that. Now, can you give me your address?
C Well, I'm staying with friends at the moment, but I’ll be in my new flat in Preston next week.
A Well, perhaps the Preston address is best
C OK. So that’s Flat 4A, 396 New Valley Road
A New Valley Road
C Yes, that's right.
A OK - that’s great and we know the town that’s Preston.
C Yes.
A Do you know what your postcode will be there?
C Oh - I think I’ve got it somewhere on a piece of paper let me see yes, here it is. Er, it’s PN6 3BZ .
C No, BZ.
A Right. I guess you don’t have a phone number yet?
C No, not at the flat And my mobile’s not working right now I have to take it to the shop and see what’s wrong.
A Oh, I hope it’s nothing serious
C Well, it’s new, so it should be all right.
A You could give me the number anyway. For the future
C Yes, OK. Urn, it’s 0787 345077 .
A That’s three-five-four-zero-double seven
C No, three-four-five
A Oh, thanks i’ll note that your phone is not working right now.
C OK, thanks.
A Now, the last thing I need is an email address.
C OK, it’s [email protected] That’s my personal address
A ptu dot com. Fine. Now, as you’re moving, I’ll put something in the message box so that the brochure doesn’t come too early.
C Yes, could you do that?
A I’ll put ‘deliver brochure next week '
C Oh, that’s great
A Now, what would you like to do about


Advisor: Now, you can see on our website that we have a lot of courses. What are you interested in doing?

Caller Well, I don’t want to publish anything. I just want to raise the standard of my own writing.

A Yes, it depends on whether you want to. You know, write creatively or for fun. We also have fiction writing - that includes writing children’s stories.

C Well, I work in an advertising agency, so I'd like to write better so that. Well, I’d like my salary to rise .

A OK, so we can send you our brochure for business writing and if you think it'll be right for you, then you can enrol.

C Great. What happens after that?

A Then we send you the course pack

C What does that contain?

A You get some books that will help you with your writing skills, an audio course on CDs and instructional DVDs to watch, and some lesson texts to read

C OK. What if I change my mind?

A Well, you can send the materials back to us. You have 21 days to decide, and we’ll refund your fees within that time.

C Ah, that’s quite good I see. So the enrolment fee includes the course materials?

A Yes, it does - for all our courses.

C So are there different fees for different courses?

A Yes, at the moment, your course is let me see. They’ve just raised the prices it was £340, but I think it’s £375 now.

Yes, fees rose a month ago, I'm afraid, urn, by ten percent - most of our courses are now between three and four hundred pounds.

C OK, that’s not bad - so, who will teach me?

A Well, before we decide that, you do your first written assignment. It’s like a personal profile

C So I write about things like my background and where I was brought up?

A No, it’s the future we’re interested in.

C Oh, OK, so what I want to get from the course, and how it will help me to achieve my ambitions ?

A That’s right. We get a picture of who you are and your needs and then we match you to a personal tutor who will teach you and work with you.

C That’s a good idea. And how do I get that to you?

A Well, you send it in to us by post or through our website

C What about lessons?

A There are 15 lessons altogether, and each one has an assignment

C And what sort of feedback will I get ?

A There's continuous online support, and part of that is a web-based facility for all the students on your programme to get together .

C Oh, so we can share ideas and things'?

A That’s right. With no need to go into a classroom or be tied to weekly schedules.

C OK Thanks, I think that’s all my questions.

A Don’t hesitate to call if you have any more.

C OK, thanks Bye.

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