Answer for Complete IELTS 1 - Listening Practice Test 6

1. B 16. B
2. C 17. protect
3. A 18. ocean
4. B 19. safety
5. C 20. accident
6. A 21. school
7. B 22. money

Our answers are not correct?

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Marking Scheme

Level Band Listening Score Reading Score
Expert 9 39-40 39-40
Very Good 8.5 37-38 37-38
Very Good 8 35-36 35-36
Good 7.5 32-34 33-34
Good 7 30-31 30-32
Competent 6.5 26-29 27-29
Competent 6 23-25 23-26
Modest 5.5 18-22 19-22
Modest 5 16-17 15-18
Limited 4.5 13-15 13-14
Limited 4 10-12 10-12
Extremely Limited 3.5 8-10 8-9
Extremely Limited 3 6-7 6-7


Test details


Questions 1-8

These people are American. Where are they from?

Listen and tick the correct state.

1. Pueblo

A  Kansas

B  Colorado

C Utah 
Answer: B   (Locate) 

2. Wayne

A  Ohio

B  Illinois

C Indiana
Answer: C   (Locate)


A  Illinois

B  Indiana

C Iowa 
Answer: A   (Locate)

4. Birmingham

A  Georgia

B  Alabama

C Mississippi 
Answer: B   (Locate)

5. Harrisburg

A  West Virginia

B  Indiana

C Pennsylvania 
Answer: C   (Locate)

6. Prescott

A  Arizona 

B  New Mexico 

C California 
Answer: A   (Locate)

7. Great Falls

A  North Dakota

B  Montana

C Wyoming 
Answer: B   (Locate)

8. Salem

A  Oregon

B  Washington

C Idaho 
Answer: A   (Locate)






Questions 9-16

Where are these people living now?

Listen and tick the correct city or country. 

1.     A London

B Manchester
Answer: B   (Locate)

2.     A Paris     

B  New York
Answer: A   (Locate)

3.     A  Tokyo

B  Hong Kong
Answer: B   (Locate)

4.     A  Dallas

B  St Louis
Answer: B   (Locate)

5.     A Barcelona

B Madrid
Answer: A   (Locate)

6.     A Italy

B France
Answer: B   (Locate)

7.     A Mexico

B Ecuador
Answer: B   (Locate)

8.     A Cambridge

B Oxford
Answer: B   (Locate)


Questions 17-22 

Complete the blank using with ONE WORD only for each answer.

Electronics exhibition

1.   The first section deals with electronics designed to 17  the environment.
Answer: protect   (Locate)

2.   One new device is for checking 18  temperatures at different levels.
Answer: ocean   (Locate)

3.   The theme of the second section is children and their 19
Answer: safety   (Locate)

4.   There are a number of inventions to avoid an 20  in the home.
Answer: accident   (Locate)

5.   They demonstrate a device for checking if older children are at 21
Answer: school   (Locate)

6.   The third section contains devices for dealing with 22
Answer: money   (Locate)   

Questions 23-30 

Listen and answer the following questions

Questions 23-24 

Which TWO reasons does Irina give for visiting the exhibition?

A to meet a friend

B to improve her knowledge

C to buy something

D to check prices

E to entertain her child
23. Answer: B OR E IN EITHER ORDER   (Locate)
24. Answer: B OR E IN EITHER ORDER   (Locate)

Questions 25-26 

Which TWO devices has Irina bought recently?

A a calculator

B a computer

C a camera

D a phone

E a digital recorder

25. Answer: B OR C IN EITHER ORDER   (Locate)
26. Answer: B OR C IN EITHER ORDER   (Locate)

Questions 27-28 

What TWO things does Irina like about the building?

A the electric lights

B the space

C the activity

D the ceiling

E the entrance

27. Answer: B OR D IN EITHER ORDER   (Locate)
28. Answer: B OR D IN EITHER ORDER   (Locate)

Questions 29-30 

Which TWO problems did Irina have coming to the exhibition?

A driving in heavy traffic

B finding the car park

C parking the car

D waiting to enter the exhibition

E standing outside in the rain

29. Answer: C OR D IN EITHER ORDER   (Locate)
30. Answer: C OR D IN EITHER ORDER   (Locate)


Legend:       Academic word (?)            New word


Section 1


A You're from Pueblo, are you? That's in Colorado not Utah, isn't it?

B That's right.


A I'm from Wayne.

B Oh. Is that in Indiana or Ohio?

A In Indiana .


A So you're from Springfield. Where's that? In Iowa  or Illinois?

B Illinois !


A I'm from Birmingham.

B That's in Alabama , not Georgia, isn't it?

A Yeah.


A Harrisburg? That must be in Pennsylvania or  West Virginia.

B Pennsylvania , not West Virginia.


A Where is Prescott? New Mexico?

B No, in Arizona .

A Oh, of course.


A I'm from Great Falls. Do you know where that is?

B I guess Montana or North Dakota.

A Montana .


A I'm from Salem.

B That's in Idaho, not Washington, isn't it?

A Neither. It's in Oregon .

Section 2

1      I've just moved from London to Manchester .

2      Oh, I'm still in Paris . I'm moving to New York next year.

3      Well, I lived in Tokyo before I moved to Hong Kong .

4      Yeah, I just moved from Dallas to St Louis .

5      I'm still living in Barcelona . I decided not to move to Madrid.

6      You know, I used to live in Italy before I moved to France .

7      I don't live in Mexico any more. I'm in Ecuador .

8      No, I've never lived in Cambridge. I've always lived here in Oxford .

Section 3

Irina Good morning. Can you tell me about the ticket options, please?

Man Certainly, we've got various options, depending on whether you want to just visit parts of the exhibition or all of it. It’s organised into various different sections, and because it's so large, you may not be interested in everything or have time for everything. You can buy tickets just for the sections you want to visit, and that makes it a lot cheaper

I Well, urn, I’ve really come here to see things to do with electronics.

M Right. Then I think you’ll find the first part of the exhibition as you go in is quite relevant. It’s all about electronics and how we can use them to protect the world around us - you know, the environment and what we can do to avoid damaging it further.

I Protecting the environment That sounds interesting Anything I should specially look out for there?

M There are lots of new devices One which fascinated me when I went round was a new instrument for measuring how the temperature of the ocean changes at different levels, and this can be done from a ship on the surface right down to the bottom

I Great, I’ll look out for that.

M OK, and I see you’ve got your son with you, which is nice because the subject of the next section is all about different things for keeping an eye on your children and looking after their safety It contains a range of things, from electronic instruments used in medicine to children's electronic games and even a number of new devices to prevent children from having an accident when they’re at home.

I That sounds useful.

M Yes, there’s even an invention for older children - you’ll see a demonstration of it while you’re there - which helps parents to make sure their kids are going to school . Really useful in families where both parents work It sort of electronically tells parents about their kids' attendance and sends them a signal via the Internet

I Very convenient. But my son is a bit young to worry about that yet Are there any other sections which feature electronics?

M Sure There's another section - it’s the third you come to,

I think - which should interest everyone It contains lots of new electronic instruments or devices for looking after and working with money - you know, like that thing you must have heard of which counts what you’re putting into your supermarket trolley and adds up the bill as you go around

I Right, money - that sounds interesting, too. Well, thanks for the information I’d like tickets for myself and my son for those three sections, then, please.

Section 4

Woman Excuse me

Irina         Yes?

W Before you go through, I wonder if you could help us by answering a few questions for a survey It won't take long.

I No problem. We’re not in any hurry.

W Fine, thanks Now, er, let’s look at the questions.


W H ere they are. First one. Why are you visiting the exhibition?

I Well, I want to keep up with the latest developments in electronics , you know - I was recommended by a friend to come here and see what new devices and inventions are coming out and learn a bit. I mean, I don’t generally go shopping for new electronics. I’m not the sort of person who goes out and buys all the latest gadgets - the prices are too high when they're new But it interests me, and I thought also there would be things which would interest my son and he’d enjoy it as well , so that’s why we’re here.

W OK and here’s a question to find out what sort of consumer you are Have you bought any electronics recently?

I Recently"? Sure I was thinking of buying a new calculator for the office, but I decided it wasn’t really necessary because I can do all the calculations just as easily on a computer Anyway, I got a new laptop recently because, you know, they have so many applications and they don’t take up much space either. Better to have lots of things on the same device, I think. The other thing I bought was a present for my husband’s birthday. I thought it would be nice to have a record of our holidays, so I bought him a camera and I’m hoping to get him more interested in photography I’m not very keen on the sort of pictures you can take with a mobile phone, you see. I think it’s better to go for higher quality.

W Right And here’s a question about this building I know you haven’t had a chance to look around a lot yet, but at first sight, what do you think of it"?

I Oh, it looks pretty good to me. It’s got lots of natural light, so you don’t have to put up with lots of electric lighting, which can be quite tiring on the eyes.  It feels very large and spacious , which is great because although it’s full of activity and quite noisy, it doesn’t feel too crowded. Also, when you look up at the ceiling near the entrance with the design of stars and planets on it, that’s something I really like I'm not so keen on those revolving doors, though I always feel I’m going to get stuck in one

W And did you have any difficulties getting to the exhibition 1 ?

I Well, coming at this time of day the roads weren’t too busy, so that was all right and there were plenty of signposts, so the car park was easy to find. The only problem was it was full when I arrived - I guess I should have come earlier - so I had to find another one quite a long walk away, which was a pity Then we had to stand outside for quite a long time queuing to get in - this exhibition is pretty popular. That was a bit of a problem, because my son gets impatient, but fortunately it wasn't raining, otherwise we might have gone home.

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