Complete IELTS 1 - Speaking Practice Test 4

There is no standard answer for Speaking exam so please use this as a reference


Describe a journey you made in the past that you remember well.

You should say:

what forms of transport you used

why who you travelled with

what was good and bad about it and explain why you remember the trip so well.

View the sample answer here:

Well, I’m going to talk about a trip I made across Australia. The transport I used was a motorbike. It wasn’t a new bike, it was - what's the word - second­hand, and I bought it because I wanted to see Australia.

I didn’t want to use public transport because I wanted to be independent. I had a month’s holiday before I started my course and I made the trip with a friend, a Chinese girl, because I was frightened of travelling alone I met her at a language school where we studied English together. We travelled along the south coast and saw some of the desert. The good thing about the journey was that we met a lot of other people who were travelling. We went to places which are difficult to reach on public transport, and the trip was quite cheap. Also, the motorbike had quite a powerful engine, so it was fast and exciting. The bad things were the rain and the heat because they made us tired. I have great memories of the trip because I felt really free. We could go where we liked. Also, we met some very friendly people and we saw a lot of interesting places I still have friends who I made during that trip. In all, I think it was the best journey I’ve ever made.

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