Answer for Complete IELTS 1 - Listening Practice Test 4

1. C 14. Tosh Asada
2. B 15. Monika Manning
3. C 16. Karl Gass
4. B 17. Sophie Jacobs
5. A 18. Gerald Kirkby
6. C 19. Francine La Tuille
7. 313 20. Richard Forsythe
8. 615 21. Martha Pennington
9. 19 22. snack
10. 59 23. entrance
11. 109 24. key
12. 206 25. shopping
13. 15 26. viewing

Our answers are not correct?

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Marking Scheme

Level Band Listening Score Reading Score
Expert 9 39-40 39-40
Very Good 8.5 37-38 37-38
Very Good 8 35-36 35-36
Good 7.5 32-34 33-34
Good 7 30-31 30-32
Competent 6.5 26-29 27-29
Competent 6 23-25 23-26
Modest 5.5 18-22 19-22
Modest 5 16-17 15-18
Limited 4.5 13-15 13-14
Limited 4 10-12 10-12
Extremely Limited 3.5 8-10 8-9
Extremely Limited 3 6-7 6-7


Test details


Questions 1-6

Listen to people asking for the addresses of these places. Write the correct address.

1    American Express: 

A 890 Mount Street

B 819 Mount Street

C  89 Mount Street
Answer: C

2     Asia Pacific Travel:

A 123 Waterloo Road

B 103 Waterloo Road

C  13 Waterloo Road
Answer: B

3     Black and Decker: 

A 603 Holloway Road

B 623 Hollow Way

C  623 Holloway Road
Answer: C

4     Gulf House: 4##qi Portman Street W1

A 2 Portman Square, W1

B 2 Portman Street, W1

C  2 Portman Street, W1
Answer: Tosh Asada

5     Pan American: 193 Picadilly

A 193 Piccadilly

B 153 Piccadilly

C  139 Piccadilly
Answer: A

6     Eastman Dental Hospital: 

A 256 Grayson Road

B 265 Grays Inn Road

C  256 Grays Inn Road
Answer: C

Questions 7-13

Listen to people giving their addresses.

Complete the missing information.

  1. Cumberland Avenue.
    Answer: 313

  2. Answer: 615 University Drive, flat
    Answer: 19
  3.  Wellington Street.
    Answer: 59
  4. Grant Street.
    Answer: 109

  5. Answer: 206 Judd Street, flat
    Answer: 15

Questions 14-21

Listen to people opening bank accounts. Write down their names. 

Answer: Tosh Asada

Answer: Monika Manning 

Answer: Karl Gass                       

Answer: Sophie Jacobs                                                                

Answer: Gerald Kirkby

Answer: Francine La Tuille

Answer: Richard Forsythe

Answer: Martha Pennington

Questions 22-26

Listen and label the diagram.

Write ONLY ONE WORD for each answer. 

  1. Answer: snack   (Locate)

  2. Answer: entrance   (Locate)

  3. Answer: key   (Locate)

  4. Answer: shopping   (Locate)

  5. Answer: viewing   (Locate)


Legend:       Academic word (?)            New word


Section 4

Good evening and welcome aboard the Pride of Poole. In this recorded announcement, we’ll give you details of some of the facilities available on board this ship

You’re currently standing in the reception area in the centre of B Deck. If you’re feeling hungry after a long day’s travelling, go up the stairs to A Deck, where you’ll find the restaurant. The restaurant caters for all appetites, with anything from a light snack to a full three-course meal The restaurant will be open from the moment the ship leaves port to half an hour before arrival

Next to the restaurant on A Deck in the lounge, there are reclining seats with music headphones if you want to relax The headphones are free, but people using this area are encouraged to keep noise to a minimum so that other passengers can enjoy themselves and sleep or read if they wish.

For those of you who’d like some entertainment, just next door to us on this deck is a 40-seat cinema showing the latest full- length feature films. The cinema programme is available here at reception, but you’ll have to buy the tickets themselves at the cinema entrance just before you go in.

Just next to the cinema is the staircase leading down to the cabins on C Deck To access your cabin, just show your boarding pass to a steward, who will give you the key .

On this deck, that is B Deck, you’ll also find an area where you can either play games in our special electronic games arcade or do your shopping .

Just beyond that on the same level, people who want a bit of fresh air or just want to see the sea can go out onto the viewing deck, which is in the open air. Make sure you wear a jacket or coat, as it can be quite cold and windy.

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