Complete IELTS 1 - Speaking Practice Test 2

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Talking about your childhood.

Listen the sample of this topic below.


Examiner:  So, Hussein, I’m going to ask you some questions about your childhood Do you come from a large family or a small family?

Hussein:  I'm sorry, could you repeat, please?

E:  Do you come from a large family or a small family?

H:  Well, actually, it’s not large or small, what’s the word, it’s middle no, no, sorry, it’s medium-sized. I am two brothers sorry, I have two brothers who are both older than me.

E:  As a child, who did you spend more time with, your family or your friends?

H:  When I was a small child, I spent more time with my family, my mother, who looked after me, and I played a lot with my brothers. Then, when I was a bit older, about ten or 11,1 started to play more with friends I made at school because we enjoyed doing the same things, and my mother went back to her job

E:  And when you were a child, how did you spend your free time?

H:  I think I watched television quite a lot when I was a small child and I played computer games with my brothers When I was older, I did a lot of sports with my friends.  We went swimming and we played tennis and football because I love doing sports

E:  What did you enjoy most about school?

H:  I think I enjoyed doing science subjects most. I liked physics and chemistry especially. We didn’t do sports at school, so I did those in my free time.

E:  And when you were at school, who do you think was your best teacher 1 ?

H:  I think, perhaps, my chemistry teacher because she explained things very clearly. Also, she was very - I’m not sure about the word - uh, interested, no, enthusiastic She made us do tests, I mean experiments in the laboratories, so we learned a lot. I never missed one of her lessons.


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