Complete IELTS 1 - Speaking Practice Test 1

There is no standard answer for Speaking exam so please use this as a reference


Describe a book or article that you enjoyed reading for your studies.

You should say:

what the book or article was about

why you read it

how long it took you to read and explain why you enjoyed reading

Discuss how to answer these questions, giving your opinions and ideas and supporting them with reasons.

1.       Why do some adults dislike reading?

2.    What sort of problems do adults have if they can’t read or write?

3.       How can people be encouraged to read more?

Listen to Pashta and Haroon answering two more questions on the same topic.

Examiner:  Why do some children stop reading books as they get older?

Pashta: Well, I’m not sure I think it depends Some children say that they find reading a bit boring perhaps because they want to do things like play on the computer. Children spend so much time chatting online nowadays Urn, but other children - I think they prefer to read stories about famous people in magazines and newspapers.

Examiner:  How could teenagers be encouraged to read more?

Haroon: Uhm, I would say that it’s important to show them that you can get a lot of knowledge from books The problem is - we can use computers to look up information, so they forget about books, as they seem less interesting. Maybe writers should make books more attractive to young people.


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