Answer for Complete IELTS 1 - Listening Practice Test 1

1. ROMNEY 16. 31st
2. CAERNS 17. Leo Blucher
3. BRAGG 18. Blumengasse
4. JICKELL 19. 4312 11057
5. FAWCETT 20. 1st
6. 50 21. 9 days
7. 0726 05791 22. 200
8. Lovers 23. kitchen
9. Bracken 24. sea
10. Gower 25. quiet
11. Jeremy 26. parking
12. Pollard 27. student
13. Vernon 28. sea
14. 17 29. mountains
15. 01950 674236 30. village

Our answers are not correct?

Other modules in this test:

Marking Scheme

Level Band Listening Score Reading Score
Expert 9 39-40 39-40
Very Good 8.5 37-38 37-38
Very Good 8 35-36 35-36
Good 7.5 32-34 33-34
Good 7 30-31 30-32
Competent 6.5 26-29 27-29
Competent 6 23-25 23-26
Modest 5.5 18-22 19-22
Modest 5 16-17 15-18
Limited 4.5 13-15 13-14
Limited 4 10-12 10-12
Extremely Limited 3.5 8-10 8-9
Extremely Limited 3 6-7 6-7


Test details


Questions 1-8

In the IELTS test, you are often asked to complete part of a form by writing a number or a name which is spelled for you.

****** This part is different with the normal test when you have to click on the Youtube link at each section to listen. *******

Listen to eight speakers and write the name or number you hear.

Answer: ROMNEY

Answer: CAERNS

Answer: BRAGG



6 cents
Answer: 50

Answer: 0726 05791

8  Road
Answer: Lovers


Questions 9-16

Listen and write what number or name you hear.

Write no more than ONE WORDS OR A NUMBER for each answer. 

Answer: Bracken

Answer: Gower

Answer: Jeremy

Answer: Pollard

Answer: Vernon

Answer: 17

Answer: 01950 674236

Answer: 31st

Questions 17-26

Listen and complete the form.

Write no more than TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Dubai Palm Apartments

Enquiry taken by: Amanda

Name: 17
Answer: Leo Blucher   (Locate)

Address: 37 18 Vienna
Answer: Blumengasse

Telephone number: 19
Answer: 4312 11057   (Locate)

Number of people: four

Starting date: 20 January
Answer: 1st   (Locate)

Length of stay: 21
Answer: 9 days   (Locate)

Price per day: maximum 22 euros
Answer: 200   (Locate)

Other requirements:

    • fully equipped 23
      Answer: kitchen   (Locate)
    • view of 24
      Answer: sea   (Locate)
    • air conditioning must be 25
      Answer: quiet   (Locate)
    • 26 for car
      Answer: parking   (Locate)




Questions 27-30

Listen to two students answering these questions and complete the notes in the table below.

Write no more than ONE WORD for each answer.








Answer: student   (Locate)

Muttrah, Oman

 by the 28
Answer: sea   (Locate)

and near the 29
Answer: mountains   (Locate)


student   a small 30
Answer: village   (Locate)

near Chonju, Korea




Legend:       Academic word (?)            New word


Section 1


2       CAERNS

3       BRAGG

4       JlCKELL

5       FAWCETT .

6       It costs 50 cents

7       My telephone number is 0726 05791.

8       30 Lovers Road, that’s L-O-V-E-R-S

Section 2

1       B-R-A-C-K-E-N

2       G-O-W-E-R

3       J-E-R-E-M-Y

4       P-O-double L-A-R-D

5       V-E-R-N-O-N

6       17

7       01950 674236

8    31st

Section 3

Amanda Dubai Palm Apartments, Amanda speaking. How can I help you?

Leo           Oh hi, Amanda I’m ringing to enquire about a  holiday apartment for the month after next

A OK, no problem Let me get your details first, then I’ll tell you what we’ve got. Is that all right?

L Fine, go ahead.

A OK. Can I have your name first, please?

L Yes, it’s Leo Blucher , that’s L-E-0 - that’s my first name - and my surname is B-L-U-C-H-E-R.

A OK, I’ve got that Where are you from, just out of interest, Leo?

L I’m Austrian.

A Right, OK, and what’s your address?

L It’s number 37 Blumengasse in Vienna

A Right. Could you just spell Blumengasse for me, please, Leo? My German’s not too good

L Sure, it's B-L-U-M-E-N-G-A-double S-E.

A Great, thanks, and what’s the weather like in Vienna at the moment?

L It’s pretty grey and rainy, I’m afraid Hope it’s better in Dubai.

A Yes, it’s lovely at the moment Sunny and warm, but not too hot. Now, can you give me your phone number 9

L Yes, it's 4312 11057 .

A Great So, you’re looking for a holiday apartment, Leo How many people is it for, just yourself 9

L No. there'll be four of us, two adults and two children

A Fine, and when would you like it from?

L Ideally from the 1st of January

A January the 1 st. OK I’ll have a look and see what we’ve got. How long would you like to stay?

L Well, it depends a little bit on the price, but I think that about nine days would be perfect.

A Fine And, talking of prices, what would be your maximum, do you think?

L Well, I’ve looked on the Internet, but I don’t know if I’m being realistic if I say 200 euros per day Things seem to range from 150 to well over 400

A Well, it depends where, of course, but I think we could probably find something for you at that price

L Great. There are various other things, though. Our children are quite small, and we don’t want to take them to restaurants all the time, so one thing we’d really appreciate is a fully equipped kitchen so we can do some cooking.

A Yes, I completely understand. Do you have any other special requirements?

L Yes, we live in the city centre hundreds of miles from the sea , so we’d really like be able to see it from our apartment.

A OK. I'll note that down All our apartments come with air conditioning and central heating, by the way.

L Oh dear. One thing I don’t like is the noise of air  conditioning in the background. Can you make sure it’s as quiet as possible?

A Yes, I’ll look into that Anything else?

L Yes, just one more thing We’d like to hire a car while we’re in Dubai, so we’ll need to have a parking space, I think - we don’t want to have to walk a long way from the car to the apartment.

A I think you’re quite right I’ll look into all these things and make a list of possible apartments. Do you have an email address, so I can send them to you.

Section 4

Examiner Can you tell me what you do, Hanan? Do you work, or are you a student?

Hanan Yes, I’m a student . I'm studying medicine because I want to be a doctor. At the moment, I’m studying English as well because I hope to do part of my degree course in Australia

E And where do you come from?

H I come from Muttrah in Oman.

E Can you describe Muttrah a little bit for me?

H Yes. It’s quite a large city by the sea and also near the mountains . It’s very beautiful and very old. It’s very hot in the summer, but the winter is usually very pleasant. Also, Muttrah is an important port.

E Can you tell me what you do, Kwan? Do you work, or are you a student?

Kwan: I’m a student. I’m studying economics at Chonju University at the moment.

E And where do you come from, Kwan?

K I come from a small village near Chonju in Korea.

E Can you describe your village to me?

K Well, it’s in the mountains. The people work as farmers and they are very friendly It’s a good place to live, but not much happens there.

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