IELTS 2 - Speaking Practice Test 1

There is no standard answer for Speaking exam so please use this as a reference


The candidate is to find out as much information as possible about electronic mail.

Candidate's cue card:


You are studying at a language school and have heard that students may obtain an electronic mail (e-mail) address so that they can send and receive messages by computer. The Examiner is the Student Services advisor.

Ask the Examiner about:

what e-mail is


how to obtain an e-mail address

location of e-mail at school

equipment needed at home

courses on e-mail

Information for the Examiner:

what e-mail is

means by which to send messages from one computer to another over the telephone lines

cost free for students at this language school
how to obtain an e-mail address

complete an application form and return to Student Services

location of e-mail at school

in the independent learning centre or computer laboratory

equipment needed at home a modem and a telephone line
courses on e-mail Friday afternoon classes throughout the year

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